DMM-100 DMR Modem and RTU

DMM-100/DA1 - Smart DMR RTU
The Piciorgros DMR RTU is a complete wireless RTU solution for remote communication in SCADA telemetry systems. The unit is ideal for ensuring reliable data communications in remote locations where industrial monitoring and control is required. Wired communications are often uneconomical over long distances and public mobile networks are often unreliable in geographic areas where SCADA telemetry systems are operated. The DMM-100/DA1 works effectively in these situations to bring reliable coverage and data communication over Simoco’s DMR infrastructure.

DMM-100 - DMR Data Modem
The Piciorgros DMM-100 DMR Data Modem is a DMR radio modem for wireless communications in remote SCADA telemetry systems. The unit enables third party RTUs to be wirelessly connected to the SCADA telemetry network using DMR technology.

DMM-100 - General Information
Piciorgros DMR Telemetry Products contain a 5 Watt DMR modem, two serial interfaces, an Ethernet port and power supply. The DMR RTU includes built-in digital and analog I/Os. The units recognize numerous industry standard protocols including; DNP3, IEC-60870-5-101 and IEC-60870-5-104. These unique characteristics coupled with powerful DMR features like secondary control channel, packet data and short data make the DMM DMR telemetry products powerful all-in-one DMR Data solutions, perfectly suited for applications requiring intelligent remote equipment information gathering. The range of Piciorgros DMR Telemetry Products enables devices to be easily deployed into a wide range of industry sectors for the monitoring and control of equipment such as switches, valves, pumps, pole mounted switches and many more.